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You will note that we have a C++ Builder forum. You can develop traditional Windows applications ( is our preferred source - see his books) with that platform in addition to traditional C applications.

It is also possible to develop C++ Web Application on stand alone servers as explained in the C++Builder 2010 PDF document that can be downloaded from this site. The exact URL is: Scroll down to page 72 section 18. The desktop is on the web.

As Python / Django can be hooked into an Apache web server, we think it should be possible to do the same with C / C++.

Additional resources here:

CppCMS — C++ Web Framework:

Wt a C++ Web Toolkit:

See also

C++ has always been considered a language for mission-critical server-side functionality. Web development, although in part server-side based, is done using different software development languages. I try to analyse what caused this situation. Possibility to provide a portable pure C++ web development framework is explored.
Target audience

This article is for people, who believe that C++ can be successfully used to build sophisticated web applications and are frustrated by the lack of basic tools to do so. It doesn't provide any kind of definite plan on how to create a C++ web development framework, but rather tries to share some thoughts, give an inspiration and some guidelines.

This article is also an invitation to dialogue – please share your thoughts and ideas, using the comments form below or my contact details page.
Source: ... ework.html

The Rise And Fall of Languages in 2010

By Andrew Binstock, January 27, 2011

Python and Objective-C surge, VB falls off the cliff, and Ruby treads water. What else happened?; ... 4ATMY32JVN ... jects#9899

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