HTML 5 and content management systems.

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HTML 5 and content management systems.

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Frist of all there is very many content management systems: and new one seem to pop up, even if the last years have been characterized by a big interest in social media sites. Since many of these CMS are used to set up eCommerce platforms, there is a related site:

HTML5 and CSS3 is when this post is written a hot issue and the CMS platforms seem to follow up.

1. WordPress ... yout-yoko/ ... and-video/ ... wordpress/ Related:

So go to the WP plugin and or theme site and search for HTML5 or CSS3.

Also Google: wordpress html5

2. Drupal

You can of course issue the above query for any CMS system.


drupal html5

drupal css3


You should at least be aware of these pages:

3. Other CMS

Natural query (e.g. on Google suggest):

CMS name html5

CMS name CSS3. ... the-big-3/

There is big activity, so the SERPs may not be stable. One reason we have given some links above.

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