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Postby KBleivik » Thu Jan 27, 2011 8:57 pm

If you read from the top of this bulletin or message board, you will note that there are sticky content on WordPress. As explained there, there are WordPress plugins for nearly everything you can think of to enhance user experience on your WordPress powered site. cURL is no exception. If you go to:

and search for cURL, today we get 418 results. Google: wordpress "cURL plugin" and we get about 17 000 hits.

I have written two threads about this subject at the WebProWorld forum.

Webmasters, forget browsers and SE's. Make your own ethical WebBots. ... al-WebBots.

The Deep Web and the Surface Web. What does it mean? ... es-it-mean

Perhaps the most popular and general URL tools are delivered by cURL:

Libcurl is written in C and implemented in many languages: as a C binding:

For PHP developers there are two books on the subject:

Another popular but not so general tool is:


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