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Some online resources

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1. Introduction. Store files in the cloud

Most of the people that are online daily have heard about Microsoft's SkyDrive that is like an online disk where you can store your documents, images and other files. You get a free storage of 7 Gb. Personally, I use it to store documents and other files that I may need when I don't have my laptop with me. You have access to these documents and files all over the world with internet access. For example it is great to store a copy of your tickets, your insurance papers and other important, but not sensitiv documents that you need when you travel abroad. If you loose your ticket og your insurance paper, you can print them out on an internet cafe or elsewhere.

DropBox is a similar service. I have upgraded my Laptop to Windows 8.1 and then there is a SkyDrive icon like any other disk icon on my computer. I simply drag the files I need to store in the cloud to the SkyDrive icon and go to my online SkyDrive account and upload them so they are stored in the internet cloud. But there is a lot of other cloud solutions like that is also related to big data (analytics).

2. Cloud Hosting.

If you are a web master looking for hosting, most hosting providers offer cloud hosting, that can be a good alternative to a shared account or a more expensive dedicated server.

3. Cloud computing.

Is is some year since I came accross the subject grid and cloud computing, and as a member I wrote a post about it: ... -and-cloud

Related WPW threads: ... put-wanted ... -the-cloud ... -computing ... -plattform

4. Cloudonomics.

Joe Weinman has written a book "Cloudonomics - The business value of cloud computing" that may interest you if you are looking for cloud solutions.

Amazon offer where you can buy super computing power like you buy electricity. If you need super computing power for a limited time periode, this may be much cheaper than buying a new super computer. Adobe also offer a creative cloud solution that is especially suited for bigger companies.

If you need further information, you should go to Amazone and look for similar books or make creative queries on a search engine. As a last point has written fairly much about various cloud solutions, so a creative site search on the Gartner site may give you additional focused information. And Google has of course their cloud solutions like . You can follow them on

5. CloudFlare

CloudFlare accelerates and protects any website online. On average, a website on CloudFlare:
  • Loads 30% faster Uses 60% less bandwidth
  • Has 65% fewer requests
  • And, is way more secure.

6. Links

http://searchcloudcomputing.techtarget. ... d-bursting ... challenges

Some hosters like offer CloudFare solutions.

Read more on their site: ... index.html

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