Installing python packages.

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Installing python packages.

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The easiest may be to install Python using Activestat'e ActivePython community edition that have the necessary tools. I have not used that, since I installed Python 2.7.2 myself. Note the following quote
site-packages is a pretty standard place to put packages, if the packages are in there then you'll start running into library conflicts.

I've written python apps that run on windows, freebsd & linux and always use site-packages without problem.
from this

But there are automatic package installations like easy_install and the newer pip Also note:

If you are using Python 3.X you must use distribute; setuptools doesn’t support Python 3.X.

Distribute documentation:

But since I use Python 2.7.2 and installed Python myself, I found what I needed in this ... on-windows thread, namely

1. Download the last pip version from here:
2. Uncompress it
3. Download the last easy installer for Windows: (download the .exe at the bottom of ). Install it.
4. go to the uncompressed pip directory and: python install
5. Add your python c:\Python2x\Scripts to the path

You are done.

Now you can use pip install package to easily install packages as in Linux :)
Related information: ... essentials

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