Make a professional website without knowing how to code etc.

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Make a professional website without knowing how to code etc.

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Sometimes good enough is best. Einstein once wrote. Make it simple, as simple as possible, but no simpler. That is another way to state the same message, that somtimes good enough is best. Let us take four examples.

1. Administer all your email accounts from one central point.

You have n email accounts for different purposes. When I get an email about my facebook account, about PayPal etc. to the wrong email account, I instantly know that it is someone that wan't to steal my identity. For years I have been using Opera mail on My Opera. Very few know that Opera is much more than a browser. Opera is in my personal view not only the most secure browser in the world, but it is also fast, efficient and very user friendly. I have seen it in practice how good the browser is for visually impaired people. If you need to increase the font size in other browsers, you most often have to click a menu and then choose zoom and then one among a few font sizes. In the Opera browser, you only drag the bullet in the lower right corner and the font size increases continously.

2. Administer your browser favourites among multiple computers from on place.

Opera Link is the obvious solution.

3. Integrate your social network sites in one central point.

I have integrated what is written on my facebook wall and on my twitter account on My Opera When this post is finished I will tweet about it and it is instantly shown on My Opera account.

4. Help, I want a professional web site, but can not program.

WordPress is the well known blogging platform and you can make a fairly great web site with WordPress direct. But there is a better platform in my view, drupal. It is claimed that you can make any site you need with drupal. The white house and the University of Bergen use drupal as their preferred content management platform. With drupal, drush and your hosters cPanel, you can make a professional web site without any knowledge of HTML, CSS and php and without any deveolopment platform or any file transfer platform. In addition this solution is much faster and more secure. For more information see:
  1. Drupal, drush and putty, fast and secure.
  2. Install drupal 8.x on your webserver.

If you have a hoster with a cPanel and you use drush and drupal, writing professional web sites is reduced to
  1. fast file transfer
  2. finding the best design (themes)
  3. finding the preferred functionality (modules)
  4. configuring your site in the administration control panel and finally
  5. producing the content of your site from any place in the world, even with your tablet

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