Some resources and litterature.

The web is more about human interaction than computing
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Some resources and litterature.

Postby KBleivik » Mon Feb 13, 2012 2:36 pm

1. The new terms on the social web.

Social web data mining, social web science, social coding and computing are the next big internet trend. Even if Tim Berners-Lee stated the following
The web is more a social creation than a technical one. I designed it for a social effect - to help people work together - and not as a technical toy.
The ultimate goal of the Web is to support and improve our weblike existence in the world. We clump into families, associations, and companies. We
develop trust across the miles and distrust around the corner.

in his book, "Weaving the Web The original design and ultimate destiny of the World Wide Web" that was published in november 2000, it is the during the last 5 years or so there has been a great interest by people to interconnect on social media platforms. This trend has naturally created another trend, web social science, software and tools to analyse the communication and interaction on these platforms. By the new computers it is possible to analyse so large amounts of data that some have said that sciences may shift from hypothesis testing to data driven observations. The Swedish medical Professor Hans Rosling, writing on the site, has taken statistics and data mining to a new level by presenting complex data structures and interactions in a popular and often humoristic view.

To follow and stay updated on these new terms, you may set up alerts or search for the terms:
  • social network analysis
  • social data mining
  • social computing
  • social coding
and similar. And you should be aware of the fact that these tools can of course be misused by even serious companies selling their products and services directly or indirectly to a competitior, a dictator or a criminal. This topic has got some attention recently, and in a well known Norwegian Newspaper,Dagens Næringsliv there was a story spanning 11 pages of the paper edition of how well respected companies are involved in collection information etc. The front page on saturday 11th february 2012 had the heading:

See everything, hear everything and store everything

much of which did not come as a surprise to one having used computers since the mid 1977 and surfing the internet since the mid 1990's. It may be new to journalists that it is possible with a single line in .htaccess to block every Ip in the world. and then whitelist the Ip's (Ip regions) that you want. It is not difficult to set up an informal extranet in this way. It is neither new information that it is possible to listen to wireless networks and analyse enormous amounts of data with more or less advanced software. You can even use Excel to mine social data. The Norwegian site CyberWatcher offering a lot of services. Now, by more an more simplified software and tools, you can do it inhouse.

2. Resources.

I am building this site, that may take years to implent,

If you are in the online marketing business, you should know the termsocial media optimization (SMO) But you may be more interested in how you can protecting your eProperty from fake hits, affiliate link hijcaking and even encryption. The afore mentioned article in Dagens Næringsliv will state the encryption and wired networks is not that safe as you may think.

Yuxian Eugene Liang has written much about network analysis and social datamining. Here is his portfolio. Realted information: ... -World.pdf ... investors/ ... m2012.html ... /3937/3193

3. Litterature ... 006251587X ... escription

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