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Some online resources

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1. Links and important books

We start this thread with HTML5 and mobile web and application development. First of all because new mobile platforms are popping up nearly daily and the traffic from mobile platforms is increasing. In addition, it may be a good practice to make your site mobile enabled for at least hybrid platforms using HTML5 and CSS3. That will also imply that you foccuse more on minimalism and compact coding. As an example, the well known and respected jQuery library has a competitor, that is well suited for mobile platforms where every Kb counts. So it is better to think and care about this before you start on a standard web site if you also intend to target the ever increasing mobile market. The top of laziness is to do everything correct from the beginning.

Because the iPhone was the first to market, many of the iOS proprietary tricks have wide support on other devices; yet, not everyone wants to implement a competitor's features! Thankfully, support for the HTML5 standard is growing, and that should trickle down to all the big mobile players soon.
Source: page 111,

cite should tell the modern web developer a lot.

This example site is build step by step by in the book that will give you a head start in developing HTML5 and CSS3 sites. You gain much only looking at the source code.

You may look at these two links:

to better understand the markup. You may also look at Modernizr an open-source JavaScript library that helps you build the next generation of HTML5 and CSS3-powered websites before you start looking at the living HTML spec at WHATWG that is constantly updated. W3C support the same spec at:

HTML5 and CSS3 - Is there a Web standards divergence?

The standard HTML validator:

A stricter validator: ... Developers ... L5-DOCTYPE

If you use a blogging platform like WordPress or a CMS like Drupal, natural queries are:

html5 drupal

css3 drupal

html5 wordpress

css3 wordpress ... b164c3ad8f

2. Litterature. ... 934356689/ ... 137003382/ ... 615640843/ ... guide/book This book uses HTML5 and CSS3.

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