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Some online resources

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1. Shell Scripting

Shell scripting is an interesting subject that can enhance user experience on your web site. We have given an example on our blog: ... ket-index/

2. Shell scripting with putty

Putty is an SSH and telnet client that makes it possible for you to issue Windows like command line (DOS subtask) commands from your server.

Using PHP from the command line

See also:

PuTTY User Manual: ... index.html

Using putty: ... pter3.html

3. Shell scripting in drupal and wordpress

If you use drupal, there is a command line shell and scripting interface for Drupal

Drupal: A beginner's guide to Drush ... -use-drush

Word press users may find interest in these:

4. Other Shell scripting software ... ripts.html

For more information starte with these words

best shell programs

in your query.

5. Litterature ... guide/book ... 430210435/ ... 596005954/ ... 1590594711 ... 596008953/ ... mming.html

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