WebProWorld.com the sunken atlantis

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WebProWorld.com the sunken atlantis

Postby KBleivik » Fri May 20, 2016 2:14 pm

1. Background.

In may 2016, the renowed forum WebProWorld.com has disappeared from the surface of the web. Some days ago the URL of webproworld.com was not found, but now may 20 2016, it redirects to cybertar.ientry.com a subdomain of ientry.com that owned WebProWorld.

2. Checking the site if it is just down for me etc.

There are a lot of sites to check if a site is down just for you or anybody like

The first day the site was down for everyone, but now, since it redirects to another subsite of iEntry.com, the site is up. It is of course possible to search deeper on sites like

3. Sunken like Atlantis?

I thought there would be some information on one of their sites like WebProNews, but today, may 20 2016, I don't find anything there, but I find a story about Google, Introducing Spaces, a tool for small group sharing so iEntry's foccus on Google seem to continue. The following queries:

webproworld.com site:ientry.com

webproworld.com site:webpronews.com

give no explanation about why webproworld.com was taken down. Administrator LD may have given an indication in one of the last active threads titled "forum to test new members (or not?)". In one of the last posts in that thread he wrote something like this when I was complaining about forum spam:

The forum gives little or no traffic.

I observed that myself. Most of (nearly 100 % of the traffic) came from good or bad bots, sreenscrapers and boardreaders like http://boardreader.com/linkinfo/webproworld.com. So the site admins and moderators may have thought that the time used on moderating the forum and keeping more or less advanced spammers or spam bots out was not worth the effort.

We can ask, has social media sites and networks (that is not always visible to indexing machines and search engine bots) replaced forums and blogs. IMO there is some indication, and big search engine companies should fear the new trend since more and more sites seem to block access to their information. Forums, Bulletin Boards and blogs used to be more open than social networks.

From the april 12 2016 wayback machine snapshot we note the following:

Spam-O-Matic Statistics
965 Spammers Denied Registration
272 Spammers Permanently Banned
1080 Spammy Posts Automatically Moderated

That was seemingly not enough to keep out forum spammers and spam bots. Do you rely on traffic data? I don't!!

4. Is it possible to find old threads?

Can internet Archives Wayback machine help you? Go to archives wayback machine and plug in webprowrold.com.

The last archived version, april 12 2016 gives this home page view (snapshot):

https://web.archive.org/web/20160412183 ... world.com/

among other things my thread about "AI robotics and the IVth industrial revolution...". My thread about bitcoins is also visible on the april 12 2016 snapshot. My recent thread about the sharing economy (the internet of things) and webassembly is not visible. If I go to the second last snapshot

https://web.archive.org/web/20160314093 ... world.com/

we see that my thread about the following article is visible

http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/top- ... 6-winners/

and forum administrator LD's thread


this subject is visible:

http://searchengineland.com/googles-new ... ata-243292


http://www.beacontechnologies.com/blog/ ... fects-you/

You don't find the WPW threads if you click on a spcific thread, but are redirected to cybertar.ientry.com. You may find some threads if you click

Code: Select all

Want to search for all archived pages under

but I have no time to wait for the page to load and I have the most important threads and their subject in my private linkcollection.

5. There is another internet archive that may give you more

Try this


and you get the following search examples:

You may grab the url of a thread from the Wayback machines snap shop, eg. this one


but archive.is has not archived that thread. But you may be able to find some threads and post on that site.

6. The new economy, webassembly, and the internet of things etc.

You find much more about this than was ever published on WebProWorld here:



to mention our newest resources. These resources and other in our mini network are regulartly updated. I also have a plan of writing more about the social internet on http://www.web3logistics.com/ and webassembly and the internet of things on http://www.web4logistics.com/. By the way, I published a PDF document related to embarcadero's C++builder 2010


in 2010, that shows how it is possible to convert C++ code to java script code - scroll down to chapter 18. "The desktop is on the web" that is one of the technologies used in webassembly.

7. General and specifically targeted information

You may get additional general information by asking for access on our forums or paying and registering on our extra net. If you are able to find out how, you should also be able to not bore us by trivial questions. Ask seriously for specific access on our open forums or pay and get access to our extra net.

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