Moving the forum to a new subfolder of the site.

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Moving the forum to a new subfolder of the site.

Post by KBleivik »

1. Irritation.

Since I started to use phpBB3 this forum has been hosted on It did not take long before I thought that was a bad solution. Today I have decided to move the forum to a new subfolder

2. Copy the files in the phpBB3 subolder to the forum subfolder.

Using the file manager on my webserver's cPanel, I copied the files to the new location in a few seconds. And the fourum was there and I was able to log in to the forum.

3. Expected problemsr.
  1. Problems when logging into the fourm's ACP panel.
  2. Broken links that has to be 301 permanently redireted.
And correctly, I was able to log into the forum as administrator, but not into the ACP panel. I got the following error:
No route found for "GET /adm/index.php"
A fast search on the internet did not make me wiser, so I decided to make a new installation on the old database.

4. The new installation solved the ACP login.

As explained above, I installed a new version in the subfolder as explained in this post. Will that post be up to date in the new forum subfolder? It should since both versions use the same SQL database.

5. The new forum subfolder and redirects.

Here is the new installation: and redirects to that link. (Click to test yourself).

Ideally this post should be updated there since the /pbpBB3/ and the /forum/ subfolder use the same database. Let me submit this post and check.

6. Fine. It is updated.

on the new forum. What about the links? Do I need to redirect every page (thread) or only the folders?

7. What about a folder redirect in .htaccess?

Code: Select all

RewriteEngine on
redirect 301 /phpBB3 /forum

That seems to solve every redirect, even on the url level. I don't know which browser you use, but you may need to empty your browsers cache and / or delete all board cookies, (See the lower right corner of the forum).

8. Conclusion.

Moving the forum to a new folder was easier than expected.

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