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Designing your board.

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1. Introduction

If you want a special design of your forum there are some options. The easiest is to find a theme you like. Since the last version of phpBB is responsive (adapts to you screen) you have to test that the theme you choose is responsive. Here are three options:

2. Look (search) for a finished theme compatible with your installed version of phpBB.

Try the following queries:

phpbb responsive themes

best responsive phpbb themes

You get a lot of hits so that is a good starting point.

Note: The theme you choose must be compatible with the installede version of phpBB. So if you choose a phpBB 3.0 style and you have phpBB 3.1 installed, you will not be able to install the theme. In short, you cannot use 3.0 styles with 3.1.

3. Recolor the theme using

using the option

colorize my style.

You have to upload the style file to change color. Then download the recolored theme and install it

4. Install the theme

Put the themes folder in the styles folder of your phBB site on the web. Then log into your forum and go to the ACP panel. Go to the customize panel and click install theme.

If you need further information, search on a search engine or YouTube for the the term:

How to install phpbb themes

5. Make your own themes.

That is also an option. You may start with the defalut theme and modify that. Again you use a search engine or YouTube. The natural query is of course:

phpbb install style OR theme

For forward compatibility that is of course the best way to do it. But since it is so easy to install a new theme, it should be good enough to find a new theme if your theme is outdated. Sometimes good enough is best.

6. Make the new theme the default theme.

You should read the information about the new theme in the style.cfg theme that shoud tell you if the theme inherits from another theme, e.g prosilver.

If you want the new theme to be the default theme, click on details and make it the default theme. But you may not see the new theme. If you want all new users and readers to see the new theme, go to the general tab in the ACP panel. Choose

Board style

Choose your new style as the default and guest style and choose yes for the option override user style.

7. The phpBB styles forum

8. Some well known phpBB theme sites in alphabetical order:

9. First hit, october 13 2016 for the term: best responsive phpbb themes

10. An example.

that is part of our Norwegian environmental site

Miljø and the international site

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