An interface for writing web applications in C++

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An interface for writing web applications in C++

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1. Web IDL - C++ binding

Web IDL is an interface definition language
Web IDL, that can be used to describe interfaces that are intended to be implemented in web browsers. Web IDL is an IDL variant with a number of features that allow the behavior of common script objects in the web platform to be specified more readily. How interfaces described with Web IDL correspond to constructs within ECMAScript execution environments is also detailed in this document. It is expected that this document acts as a guide to implementors of already-published specifications, and that newly published specifications reference this document to ensure conforming implementations of interfaces are interoperable.
There is a C++ binding for Web IDL where every IDL module corresponds to a C++ namespace.

See also:

Web IDL - C++11 binding
The Web IDL C++11 binding is the new C++ language binding being developed for the use of the next version of the ES operating system.

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