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Some resources

Postby KBleivik » Sat May 21, 2011 7:18 pm

1. Links

A lot of people could have been having this idea at the same time, of course, but as far as I know, Viaweb was the first Web-based application. It seemed such a novel idea to us that we named the company after it: Viaweb, because our software worked via the Web, instead of running on your desktop computer.

Another unusual thing about this software was that it was written primarily in a programming language called Lisp. It was one of the first big end-user applications to be written in Lisp, which up till then had been used mostly in universities and research labs.

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No question: InterLISP. The language which encompasses all languages past, present, and future. Where is Warren Teitelman when you need him?

Source: ... g-language

2. Litterature.

3. Peter Norvig Director of Research at Google.

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