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Online resources

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1. The mobile revolution has reached mobile eCommerce - m-commerce.

First of all you should note that the mobile revolution has hit eCommerce and magento is no exception. Mobile commerce or m-commerce is about mobilizing your online store and making mobile apps for your customers.

Magento Mobile put your store in the hands of your customers and create branded native storefront apps on iPhone, iPad and Android that seamlessly integrate with your online store.

2. Usefule links ... ory/26245/ ... -6497.html

3. Article.

The following article was written on 19 September, 2012 so much can have happened since then in this fast changing digital age. So take the heading with a grain of salt.

The 3 best shopping carts for mobile eCommerce (m-commerce)

4. Litterature ... d-ios/book

The Definitive Guide to Magento ... guide/book

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