Databases and some advanced features

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Databases and some advanced features

Postby KBleivik » Wed Jun 05, 2013 8:50 pm

1. Databases and drupal.

Read about that subject in the Databases and SQL subforum.

2. Drupal and boost

Boost provides static page caching for Drupal enabling a very significant performance and scalability boost for sites that receive mostly anonymous traffic. For shared hosting this is your best option in terms of improving performance. On dedicated servers, you may want to consider Varnish instead.


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3- Prime Your Cache with a Cron Job

Properly configuring caching on a Drupal site is one of the most important things that a site administrator can do to improve performance. Caching represents a tradeoff between speed and "freshness" of content, however. There are some tools, such as the Boost crawler, that can prime your cache.


Related link: ... st-crawler

4. Drupal 8 installation instructions at stanford university.

Source: ... structions

From that source note:

Drupal 8 requires PHP 5.3.5 or greater. As of April, 2013, the version of PHP on the WWW servers is 5.3.3, so Drupal 8 cannot be installed on the central web infrastructure. Therefore, this guide is simply a stub.

Disabling Magic Quotes
In order to install Drupal, you will need to turn off magic quotes, otherwise you will get the following error:
PHP's 'magic_quotes_gpc' and 'magic_quotes_runtime' settings are not supported and must be disabled.

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