Install drupal 8.x on your webserver.

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Install drupal 8.x on your webserver.

Postby KBleivik » Sun Mar 03, 2013 3:41 pm

1. Background.

This post: Drupal, drush and PuTTY, fast and secure.

2. Install drupal 8.x on your web server.

Issuing the following commands in putty to change to the home directory of

Code: Select all

cd /home/username/public_html/

drush pm-download --select --all drupal-8.x


Choose one of the available releases for drupal:
[0] : Cancel
[1] : 8.x-dev - 2013-Feb-28 - Supported, Development

We check that we are in the correct directory by issuing the command

Code: Select all


If you are in the correct folder, the following

Code: Select all

drush pm-download drupal-8.x

code moves the drupal-8.x files to your new site which is confirmed by the following output:

Project drupal (8.x-dev) downloaded to /home/username/public_html/ [success]
Project drupal contains: [success]
- 3 profiles: standard, testing, minimal
- 3 themes: bartik, stark, seven
- 68 modules:
shortcut, overlay, editor, entity_reference, jsonld, ban, system, email, simpletest, dblog, comment, menu_link, config, serialization, menu, locale, statistics, forum, custom_block, block, toolbar, text, history, contextual, book, user, php, action, xmlrpc, search, aggregator, help, picture, tracker, contact, color, node, edit, image, ckeditor, options, link, translation_entity, openid, update, language, field_sql_storage, syslog, number, translation, breakpoint, filter, tour, telephone, views_ui, views, file, field_ui, entity, path, datetime, field, taxonomy, layout, rdf, rest, drupal_system_listing_incompatible_test, drupal_system_listing_compatible_test

I have coloured in red, dblog, forum, telephone and CKEditor. So as explained below, CKEditor is the default HTML editor, and the forum and blog module is available on the default installation as they are in drupal 7.20. In drupal's administration control panel (version 7.20) you install a forum and a blog checking two check boxes on the module menu and clicking save. Telephone is a new module to me. It may be this!m ... e.module/8 module.

With an average internet connection the drupal 8.x files were uploaded to my web server in a few seconds. It was really faster than downloading, unpacking the files and copying them to a folder on my Pc. Many web masters use their personal computer as a test server. If the files had to be uploaded from my personal computer, it would take about half an hour or more. Now, when you have put the drupal 8.x files in a subdirectory of your site, you have to make a database for the site and install drupal as usual or using Quick Install.

For additional inforamtion see:

3. Build advanced web sites with drupal, drush and cPanel access.

It has been claimed that you can build nearly any web site you can think of using drupal. Drupal 8 will be mobil-ized, so drupal 8 driven web sites will be optimized for mobile platforms. Now, by having access to a good cPanel on your web server, you can build nearly any site you can think of without any deep knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP. Since CKEDitor will be the default editor for drupal 8, that may be good enough for many content producers. Modules extends drupals functionality and themes can give you the design you are looking for. It is easy to install and upgrade drupal, drupal modules and themes using drush. You can run cron jobs and issue sql statements from drush. You can backup your system easily using drush or from your web servers cPanel. You don't need expensive developement platforms with inbuilt ftp clients. If you have a hoster using cPanel that has a file manager and / or a legacy file manager, you can of course upload a whole site or an upgrade package as a zip file and extract the content to the folder of your choice. That is much faster than using a ftp client. If you absolutely need a ftp service, you can use free software like FileZilla. You can test HTML statements on the well known site W3Schools. Some of them can be cut and pasted into the CKEditor.

4. Conclusion.

Using drupal 8 you will be able to build your own mobil-ized drupal driven sites:
  • Using drupals administration control panel.
  • PuTTY + Drush refines what is possible from the administration control panel.
  • cPanel access gives you full kontrol over your file system and databases.
  • Backing up your sites is extremely easy from the control panel of your web server or via drush.
  • Drupals CKEditor may be good enough for many content producers.
  • Extend functionality using modules that is easily updated and installed with drush.
  • Choose design among many themes that is also easily updated and installed with drush.

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