CKEditor will be the default editor for drupal 8

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CKEditor will be the default editor for drupal 8

Postby KBleivik » Mon Feb 18, 2013 3:36 pm

Drupal 7.x and below does not come with a built-in HTML editor but there are many excellent options. First of all you may note the following: CKEditor Joins Drupal
Great news for CKEditor and its community: Drupal, one of the most used CMS platforms in the world, decided that CKEditor will be the editor included inside Drupal 8, which should be hitting the market by the end of 2013.

In addition: From Aloha to CKEditor
... we are discussing a default config. You will still be able to just take out CKEditor and install whatever editor oyu want.

Installing the CKEditor for drupal is a four step procedure.

  1. First you download and unpack the module from the drupal site to the correct folder,
  2. then you download and unpack the CKEditor to the correct folder,
  3. then you upload the new folder(s) to your web server and
  4. finally you configure the module (editor) in the administration panel of your drupal site.
For a detailed explanation see: CKEditor for Drupal 7 Installation Process

When the editor is installed, you can easily enable the plain text editor by clicking the: Switch to plain text editor link below the CKEditor.

If you need further information on the editor go to the CKEditor 4 Documentation page.

I will not force a decision upon you, so if you go to the modules page and use the follwing filter:

Modules categories: Any
Filter by compatibility: 7.X
Status: Full Projects
Search Modules: HTML editor
Sort by: Relevancy

I get a lot of options where the first five when this post is written is:
  1. Base WYSIWYG
  2. Wysiwyg
  3. CKEditor - WYSIWYG HTML editor
  4. BUEditor Plus
  5. Image Editor
Related information:
If you don't filter by compatibility (be aware that you can get version problems) you find some editors that may interest you. Among them are:
  1. Ace Code Editor - allowing you to edit HTML, PHP and JavaScript
  2. Office HTML filter - that cleans up HTML generated by Microsoft Office

Found 88896 results containing the words: HTML editor

so the chances that you will find the specific editor you are looking for is fairly great. All you need to do is be more specific in the key word selection of your query.

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