Drupal OpenID login and sms registration

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Drupal OpenID login and sms registration

Postby KBleivik » Sun Feb 03, 2013 9:43 pm

Updated april fist 2013:

A fairly advanced Norwegian thread about sms registration.

Original post.

OpenId allows users to log into your site using OpenID. You may already have an OpenID account. You have to activate the OpenID module in your administration panel to allow OpenID login. Identity 2.0 is emerging and may be more secure digital identity than OpenID. We hope that there will be an advanced registration / log in module in drupal 8. No registration or login method is 100 % secure, but registration using a digital Id should filter out many bots that may take down a site.

For further information see:
  • http://dickhardt.org/
  • http://dickhardt.org/category/digital-identity/
  • http://dickhardt.org/2012/10/oauth-2-0/
  • http://dickhardt.org/2011/07/browserid/

In february 2013, SMS registration (e.g. for a Norwegian site) is our preferred registration method (there are more secure registration methods, but they are more special) on a site. Of course there are problems with SMS registration:
  • Stolen phones and phone numbers.
  • Fake numbers (can be tested that an existing number is used).
  • Hidden numbers (should not be allowed).
  • On a site for a specific country, where only inhabitants of that country is allowed to rigister, foreigners man have a phone number. This can of course be combined with a check of Ip addresses etc., but is still not secure.
  • One person can have more than one number. It should be possible to test that only one number is used for each person.
  • Eg, in Norway it is possible to test a visible telephone number against our yellow pages.
Without having tried to implement SMS registration, drupal may have a solution to this problem:

https://github.com/mfb/vozmob/blob/3cd2 ... ion.module

Christian Christensen's may soon come up with a more modern version.


See also:
SMS sending through free gateway

http://code.google.com/p/jigstattoos/so ... s.php?r=64

More general search query:

php sms gateway

php sms gateway free

php sms api

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