Running drupal on Microsoft platforms. VS.PHP etc.

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Running drupal on Microsoft platforms. VS.PHP etc.

Postby KBleivik » Wed Nov 16, 2011 2:05 pm

If you are used to Microsoft developement platforms like Visual Studio, MS SQL server and Windows operating systems you may wonder if it is possible to run Drupal in a pure Micorsoft environment. Yes it is, even if Microsoft don't support PHP. If you use the free or the full version of Visual Studio, there is a plugin vs.php for Visual Studio that implies that you can write php code in Visual Studio. In the excellent book Brian Travis explains how it is done in Appendix F. He is the expert, since he also wrote the book: Pro Drupal 7 for Windows: If you intend to use drupal with Microsoft SQL server and other Microsoft platforms I think, without having read the book, that that is a must read book. For me it was enough to read appendix F in the above mentioned book, since I use (or XAMPP for windows ) that is good enough for me. That appendix explains how you shall configure VS.PHP for Visual Studio, use phpMyAdmin and in your drupal projects.

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I don't know how up to date this article is, so to get the latest information you may need to search for updated information.

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