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Get creative with themes, modules etc..

Postby KBleivik » Thu Jul 07, 2011 9:34 am

1. Background
Modules add functionality to your Drupal powered site. You can add a forum to your site by installing the forum module: Mobile platforms are getting more and more powerful and popular. Drupal has reckognized this fact. By installing the Drupal mobi loader module and the mobile theme your site will render better on mobile platforms. You can also integrate your own code. We reccomend though that you don't modify the drupal core: even if it is possible and sometimes tempting.

The best-practice approach to customizing your Drupal site involves intercepting and overriding files and styles, that is, creating new code or styles that the system will display in place of the default code or styles.

Source: ... yling/book Page 10.

A note of warning is in place before you download and install modules and themes:

You need to be quite careful about the Drupal version—or indeed modules and themes—you download, because each successive version makes changes and improvements on previous versions, and also sometimes messes up compatibility with other features.

Use the Filter by compatibility block

to limit module results to only the version you require.

2. Some popular themes:

Find more on the theme page:

3. Some useful modules: ... or.module/ See ... ay.module/ ... og.module/ See also

Find more on the module page:

4. Integrating your own code.

Develop for Drupal:

4.1. Php ... p-snippets


4.2. Javascript ... al_add_js/

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