No need to register on a Bulletin Board.

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No need to register on a Bulletin Board.

Post by KBleivik »

Today there are:

Total members 133932 on this board.

Spamming is not at all comparable to what we experienced on ForumNorway (see the last link in this post). There thousands of members (read spam bots) registered every day before we decided to upgrade the platform to 3.08. And that forum has not got the same populatity or should we say attention as this board.

This thread is a continuation of this

Read only permissions

thread, where my forum was reduced to a bulletin board because of too much spam even if posts were put on moderator approval. So don't use your time to register on this board. Today I dumped the forum to a flat SQL file. I have noted that most of the members are bad bots, so I have decided to:
  1. Delete every member aside from a few if the board is set back to forum status.
  2. As a minimum, every member registering after the date of this post will be deleted from the database.
  3. It is not our fault that you don't read the rules and this announcement.
So don't misuse your own and our time by registering on this board as long as the status is not set back to forum status. If you only intend to read posts, you don't need to register at all. You don't need to register to read the posts and there are no hidden forum aside from administrator / moderator forums. We will announce it if
  1. the board is set back to forum status.
  2. hidden member forums are created.
So don't misuse your time on registering yourself or a semi automatic bot (a bot that is registered by human beings, but operates as a bot after the registration and activation is completed). All will be deleted in digital time when the status of the forum is changed.

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Note: Before this thread was written, the announcement sub forum is locted at the bottom. After this post is made a sticky, it will be moved to the top.

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