A little advanced trick that my help you in some cases

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A little advanced trick that my help you in some cases

Postby KBleivik » Tue Dec 31, 2013 11:22 am

I administer my own WP powered sites so I have full access to the cPanel at my hoster. A few times, when I have experimented with plugins and themes on my test sites, the system hang. I get a blank page. On test sites I don't put valuable information in the database, so I use to delete and recreate the database. That is done in less than a minute and may fix the problem. You may also need to delete the folder of the plugin. Of course on production sites, you need to take regular backups of the database. The database is the most important thing. You shall of course take back up of the file system. I keep it on my lokal Pc where I use DreamWeaver CS 6. It is easy to upload and download files simultaneously from the file menu in DW. I download critical files. Deleting and recreating or installing a backup of the database may fix the problem, but there is another way (trick) that you should try first if you get problems with at plugin (I have not tried it for themes):

  1. Rename the folder of the plugin that is causing problems. That can be done in the cPanel at my hoster or in remote view in Dw.
  2. Visit the wp-admin -> Plugins section. This will deactivate the plugin and fix any issue caused by it.
  3. You can use this trick to disable all plugins at once. You do that by renaming (temporarily) the whole plugins folder.
  4. Then rename the folder back to its original name.

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