Platforms and resources.

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Platforms and resources.

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1. Platforms

First of all, Microsoft don't support php, but there is a Visual Studio plugin, VS.PHP that allows you to write PHP code in Visual Studio.

C# can be run on different platforms where the best known is Microsofts proprietary Visual Studio platform There is a Free, but limited edition of Visual Studio for individual programming: The best free platform for web development is perhaps:

ASP.NET applications can also be made on Adobe's DreamWeaver IDE Read this ... reamweaver article if you are in doubt of which platform you should choose.
I think you would be very disappointed with the ASP.NET support in Dreamweaver. You would be MUCH better off getting yourself a copy of Visual Studio / Web Developer (express editions are free) and doing your development there.

That said, there's no reason why you can't create your HTML and CSS in Dreamweaver, then bring those files into Visual Studio to actually put in the code. This is kind of a one-time deal though since usually once you've started splitting up your HTML into master pages and user controls/partial views, it's pretty difficult to go back and edit them again in Dreamweaver.

An interesting project:
Cross platform game engine written i C# running om Mono using OpenTK.


2. Books

Greg Shackles (May 17 2012): Mobile Development with C#: Building Native iOS, Android, and Windows Phone Applications ... 1449320236

Scott Olson, John Hunter, Ben Horgen og Kenny Goers (Feb 21, 2012) Professional Cross-Platform Mobile Development in C# ... 118157702/ ... -windows-7 ... 57937.html

If you choose to use DreamWeaver as the development platform, this

book may help you.

The first edition was written by Zak Ruvalcaba: ... 5C101E270D

The second edition was written by Christian Darie and Zak Ruvalcaba.

3. Links ... Part2.aspx ... racer.aspx ... 71%29.aspx ... e_Language ... /Tutorial/ ... ma-334.htm

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