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The Morfik platform.

Posted: Fri Feb 18, 2011 11:30 am
by KBleivik
AJAX is Asynchronous JAvascript and Xml. All these technologies are well known, and Microsoft developed the object years ago. The term AJAX was coined in the now classic article ... 000385.php by Jesse James Garrett February 18, 2005. AJAX technologies are not restricted to XMLHttpRequest. Frames (of zero with and height) and iFrames can also be used and there are hybrid applications using the advantages of various technologies. The Morfik platform has existed for some years now, and the last version as of this writing is 3.

The platform is in a nutshell

Morfik provides a complete and integrated visual design environment for building and deploying Ajax-based Rich Internet Applications.



Example: iChess was developed and optimized for the iPhone (TM) with Morfik WebOS ...