Some PHP 6 resources.

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Some PHP 6 resources.

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Most of the new features have been backported to 5.3, so the only major change in 6.0, will be native unicode support for strings (UTF-8 is not the same as unicode, for the record).
Source: ... g-in-php-6

Regarding Unicode and multilingual sites, you may find this: ... gual-sites

short article of interest. is one of our favourite resources, so the following search:

php 6

will give you additional information. Also try

php 6

if you need further information. The new SitePoint site, is a natural place too look for the latest on php.

I have written a short PDF document about putting php 6 code on the internet that can be downloaded from:

See for a discussion about errors and othere topics related to that book.

Useful website:

Useful projects:
HAL provides a set of conventions for expressing hyperlinks in either JSON or XML

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