The app stores

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The app stores

Postby KBleivik » Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:48 am

Even if this is a Mobile Web Development forum, we list the most important stores, so you get an idea of which applications that have been developed and what is possible to develope.

1. Microsoft store

2. Nokia store

3. Samsungapps

4. Apple store

5. Android store

6. Blackberry apps

7. Other stores

There are a lot of mobile platforms, smartphones and tablets.

General search:

smartphone reviews


Then you can use the name of the producer or platfrom and search:

name store

to see if there is a unique store for that platform.

The open query:

* store

list the above mentioned Nokia store as the first hit and on the first SERP. It is however preferable that you are more speicfic as explanied above.

Video may be great on mobile platforms. Here


Curiosity touched down on Mars

is what Bow Wang wrote about this ... =146903741 video.

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